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Users contacting Compono fitness via my website do so at their own discretion. Any personal information I obtain is kept private and stored securely at my office until it is no longer required. You have the right to request I no longer contact you, in this instance your details would be removed. If/when you become a client of Compono fitness your details will be added to my accounts database for the purpose of invoicing.

Sharing Information

I do not share your data with other companies or organisations, however sometimes it may be relevant to refer a client to a qualified health professional, such as a doctor, where a medical condition, injury or symptom is beyond my scope of practice. In these circumstances I will only do so with a client’s permission.

Your Information

I retain your personal information for the duration of your training sessions and work with me at Compono fitness. The nature of my services, and personal training, means that I am required to keep some records for up to five years. I do not pass on personal information to any third party, your personal information will only be used for communications between us. I retain data until it is no longer relevant, but you can request I remove it at any time.